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An increasing number of business applications demand fast performing networks. This is why Movidia Components decided to design better Data Network Cables. We have brought in a new product line, the MOVIDIA CAT 5E 350MHZ, MOVIDIA CAT 6E 600MHZ, MOVIDIA CAT 6A 10G FTP 650 MHZ & MOVIDIA CAT 6A 10G UTP 750 MHZ, to install in your network channel; bringing you a new improved information super highway.

Increased Bandwidth

We determine how to increase bandwidth by looking at the speed of the channel. Two elements are evaluated, frequency range and usable bandwidth. Bandwidth is equal to the frequency range where the Power Sum Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio (PSACR) is positive. Movidia offers bandwidths of 350 MHZ, 600MHZ, 650MHZ, & 750MHZ with third party (3P) verified to ANSI/TIA/EIA standards for quality assurance and network performance. We want to make sure you never get stuck in a traffic jam.

Better Digital Network

Movidia Data Cables improve your digital network by fighting off bad signal noise in order to reduce bit error. We achieve this by looking at the Signal to Noise Rate and the Bit Error Rate across all parameters, including Signal Level, Attenuation, Insertion Loss, Near End Crosstalk (NEXT), Far End Crosstalk (FEXT), RFI, EMI and Alien Crosstalk between adjacent cables. Our new cable design is a winner at reducing these errors. We want to make sure you never get in a traffic accident.

Your Network Cabling System is a long term investment with an average 10 year life span. Movidia moves ahead by offering safe environmentally friendly network products. Together with our partners, we have researched and implemented network Integrity, speed and performance, for over 30 years. Make your move on the new Data world’s Autobahn with Movidia Components.

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