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dealer intelligence (DI)

Dealer Intelligence (DI) is a web based CRM system that supports car dealerships in their daily sales activities with business intelligence. DI records and tracks all client contacts throughout the entire organization and across multiple locations, all in real time. Dealers generally have too much client data to try and rely on paper files. DI can help you transform data into information which the entire company can benefit from.

Automotive CRM

DI has been developed and constructed specifically for car dealerships. It has been built by people who combine practical work experience in dealerships with expertise in software development. DI integrates with the dealer's DMS to make optimum use of all of the information. The built in intelligence ensures that all clients are followed up systematically according to user defined global and store policies. This helps generate more sales from existing clients by better recognizing the opportunities and keeping them as lifetime customers.

The user interface was built based on extensive research and knowledge of how dealerships work. In the development stage, DI was tested extensively in 6 dealerships with multiple brands in different regions. This real life business environment helped us provide you with a better user experience.

Custom Reports

With the explosive growth of Business Intelligence technologies, by far the most flexible and rapid method of producing reports is to use web-based tools. DI creates operational reports to meet your unique dealership requirements. These reports provide dynamic information on the fly with parameter prompts to allow customization of data. Our implementation team will work with your team to design and develop custom reports in an easy to understand format.

Key Features

  • 100% Web Based - No software to download
  • Available 24/7/365 over the Internet
  • Quick log-in from any device with an Internet connection, such as a Smart Phone, iPhone or iPad
  • SSL Secure Connection
  • Easy, single-point data entry for all prospects
  • Smart multiple search lists
  • Automate contacts for real-time alerts
  • Analytics on demand, progress reports and configurable report filters
  • Easily add notes to contacts
  • User-friendly, Enterprise Solution supporting multiple locations and brands
  • Customizable contact fields, intuitive software tools
  • Compatible and customizable for the car industry

Business Benefits

  • Increase sales and enjoy a more streamlined and transparent sales process
  • Manage phone calls, Internet and showroom activity effectively in one tool
  • Possess the most up to date company information at your fingertips
  • Have true visibility into every interaction with the management reports
  • Get a distinct insight into sales opportunities, process and forecasts
  • Strengthen customer interaction, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Assign contacts/tasks to sales reps
  • Create automated alerts and notifications, ensure proper follow-up
  • Enhance coordination of employee teams and departments using shared information
  • Initiate Mass Marketing Campaigns efficiently at any time
  • Access a full inventory list instantly with quick search tools
  • Transfer customer leads to active staff whenever staff turnover occurs

Dealer Intelligence is an effective, easy to use solution, for streamlining the sales process and enhancing your customer's experience. Ask about Dealer Intelligence today!