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The Richmond Oval Sports Facility

Sport Facility Software

Whether it's the software that manages ClearOne badminton court rentals, or the "mission critical" software systems that power the prestigious YONEX Canada Open at the Richmond Oval, Movidia was there with the solutions.

The Movidia ERP 2.0 Sport Facility Software allows them to manage their daily activities with features such as Booking, POS, Payroll, Customer Management and Real Time Reporting.

The Business Intelligence software also records and tracks all Client Bookings, Lessons and Sales.

Key Features

The Web Based Enterprise Solution provides support for Coach Scheduling, Customer Relation Management, Facility Scheduling / Management, Check-in Management, Point of Sale (POS) systems, Invoicing, Multiple Payment Processing and Payroll Tracking. It's all on a Centralized Database with Extensive Reporting capability.

The step-by-step booking system allows them to search for a customer, select a court or choose a coach, issue an invoice and accept payments. The system supports one-time or recurring scheduling, and has a color coded schedule screen with a clear view of resource usage and availability.


  • Increased sales and a more streamlined / transparent sales process
  • Easier payrolls with the ability to generate coach payroll reports using attendance tracking
  • Real time views for every interaction
  • Full inventory list instant access with quick search tools
  • Strengthened customer interaction, satisfaction and loyalty


Movidia ERP provides an easy to use, fully customizable, yet affordable, all-in-one solution for any sports facility. Our implementation team is committed to customize the software to match the way your business operates. Call Movidia at 604-278-2773 for a Live Demo and experience the power of Movidia ERP!