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We help businesses connect the dots digitally and physically

About Movidia

Beyond the simple logistics of primitive data processing, Movidia takes on automation, process re-engineering and business transformation. We focus on communications, not just networking; business change, not just programming; information, not just data. Innovation is a continual process and complacency is the enemy of success. We believe innovation should do more than just create a new system, it should examine technology trends and anticipate customers' desires to stay ahead of the competition.

Movidia Intelligence Inc.

Business Intelligence deployment can help in closing the gap between having data in the system and providing easy access to reliable information. The primary goal of Movidia Intelligence is to provide your business fast, secure, reliable access to information, not just data. We focus on building applications and tools that enable your entire workforce to make the best use of information by turning data into enterprise intelligence.

Movidia Components Inc.

Today's networking environment consolidates user-application traffic and storage-data traffic onto a high-performance and highly available network that has the built-in intelligence to identify different traffic types and handle them appropriately, according to pre-defined rules. When applications or files are being loaded off the network, delays can interrupt the flow of work and reduce productivity. Movidia Components provides the next-generation of networking components. Rely on Movidia cables to connect your business. Let the ideas flow.


Our company logo contains two dots connecting by our name MOVIDIA. The stylized ‘M’ in the form of a digital signal reflects connection and digital communication. With both of our divisions, we are confident that we can help your business connect the dots digitally and physically.